Self Service Car Wash: See How You Should Operate Self Service System

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Self Service Car Wash In 3 Easy Method: Save Your Money

Self service car wash is a better way to clean your car. In your journey and driving your car suck a lot of dust. Which affects car parts and driving convenience. You have to keep your car fresh and clean to eschew difficulties. You can also open a business by opening a self-service car wash centre. In this running time, it’s an effective business for anyone.

With the changing of time, now everywhere of this world the automatic systems are using for washing cars. Lots of companies and self-owned agencies giving the opportunity of a self-service car wash.

It’s so cheap, easy and effective method to wash your car. All service centre is quite similar and user friendly. If you have enough or basic knowledge of those centres with enough currency then you can easily handle this. It’s so cheap to deep clean your cars than automatic systems. Automatic systems demands are so high than their average facilities and work.

You have to follow 3-part for self-service car wash

1. Setting up.

2. Washing your car.

3. Rinsing and drying.

Part 1: Setting up for self-service car wash

How can you easily wash your car

Park in a space: First of all you have to park your car in a space. Please look that is there enough space to walk around the car. Because if you can walk and move easily around it, you will feel comfortable washing the car. If you need a park job you can add it while doing the self-service wash.

Remove the floor mats: Before you wash the outer side, please remove the floor mat from your interior. You stand them to a wall so that it will be easy to spray on them. You can also skip this step if your mats are made of carpet or lather. Please try to keep them dry and wash them with a broom or mop.

Locate your spray wand: You will see that in this bay there is attached a spray wand with the ground. Make sure that this wand can reach everywhere in your car, especially below the car. You need to clean the under area most efficiently. If it (wind) does not reach the car below then please re-park your car for better result of wash.

The work way of this spray: At first, you will point the tip away from you. Then you have to press the trigger beneath the nozzle. After the pressing of the nozzle, a big amount of water will come with this pace.

Now try to understand the settings of the spray: Most spray makers companies provide 3-5 different settings in those sprays. Throughout this setting, you can clean your car. Check which machine you are using. Determine and familiarise yourself with your machine and settings. Also, make sure that how much time you will need to cover up all this process. The most basic and common settings which companies provide are 3 steps. These are: wash, soap and rinse. Some advanced companies add some advanced features like pre-wash and wax settings. Now check out your machine before you will go for cleaning.

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Set the setting into the wash or pre-wash method: Always be sure about something before you do. Be sure before choosing the first dial or setting, is it need first or do you need this setting later. If you choose the wrong one it will kill your time and washing prosperity

For example: if your car came from debris or is caked with dirt you need to push on pre-wash. If it came from dust you can go for the dial wash button. If you push the pre-wash then it will not be your perfect decision.

Before you work you need to put money inside the machine: You must know that a self-service car wash system is about the time limit, and money you put inside the machine. The amount of money will consist of your work time. This system will define your work time. After you put in money, your time will be started. So don’t be late to move. It’s all up to you.

Most self-service car wash machines define money with the condition of your car and your currency. In the USA, it doesn’t take up to $2-5 depending on the condition.

If by chance your machine doesn’t define your time limit then put lower money under $1. For example, you can start from $0.75, then by the time, you can put more money if you need more time to wash your car. You have this opportunity to work purpose. Otherwise, after the time limit, all your instruments will off their work and get shut down.

Note: Please try to go over there with cash and change. Most of the self-service centre recommends cash and change. But now some more advanced centres are taking credit, visas and Mastercards also. Make sure before you go over there.

Stand in a perfect place when you’re using wand spray: If you stand too close to your car then this high-pressure wind spray will damage your car’s accessories. They provide a heavy flow when it works. So keep maintaining a distance. Also, show concern that ‘doesn’t spray directly into the engine. It will cause damage over there.

Part 2: Washing the car for self-service car wash

Rinse your car with a spray wand: Firstly, Hold this spray from a perfect distance from your car and squeeze your handle to make a heavy flow water stream. Now turn around the car with this spray and wash all the space included down of the car. So that, this water flow can wash away that superficial dirt and debris.

If you are using a pre-wash setting at first then go for the washing method after turning around the car. After dial to wash again take a lap around the car so that low stream water can make a better result. Then go to the next step. Wash your car from up to down: In this stage, you need to ensure that you cleared all that dirt you see and wash the car fully from up to down.

Wash your mats too: If you detached your mat at first then wash or broom them too. They are part of your car. So many people forget about mats because they detached them at first they parked the car.

Don’t forget to apply soap or detergent: Now switch on the system of soap. Now when will you pull the handle of the wand, its system will become turn to come out soap. Now again move quickly around the car, so that your car can take a bath with soap.

Rinse the foam brush with the spray wand: After using the soap on the whole car, now rinse your foam brush with spray. Because perhaps you use this foam brush when you were on the first step of pre-wash and cleaning all mud, grit and sand. It will be near the place of the car park. So be sure to use soap. When you finished rinsing, go to the spray wand to its holder with that machine.

Scrub the to find a great result: Now scrub your car by holding the brush by the handle. Take few laps by scrubbing the car. Use the bristles to lather the soap into the body of your car to get e good clean. Remind that if you put the foam or brush onto your car for a long time, then a film will develop in the car. It will make a bad impression. So take some first laps rather than one longer lap.

Show concern to your car wheels: After finishing the body part, clean your car wheel with that foam brush smoothly. You know well that wheels carry more dust, mud, dirt and grime. So give attention to them. But be sure, do that after all work. Because same brush you can’t use in the body.

Part 3: Rinsing and drying for self-service car wash

Turn back to the spray wind to rinse the car from sud: After you finish your foaming soap on the body of the car, your next step is to wash them all. Now again take a lap at this session but remind to take a quick lap. Otherwise, the film will develop this time too. To avoid this, take a fast lap. Note: Make sure to put your setting into the rinse.

If anyhow a film develops on your car, you can take a step to vanish it. Take a rag and rinse it carefully after it happens.

Wax the Car: If this machine and station have a wax system then must use this. Put your spray setting into wax then a take lap around the car. It will help you to maintain a clean surface of your body and save your car from the stain of mud and dirt. You can achieve a great look for your car.

Never try to wax in mats. If the wax is unavailable, then skip and go for the next one. Rerun the spray wand: Now you complete your session of car wash by self-service. Return or put the spray wand where you found it in its past situation.

Dry your floor mats: If you washed your mats too, then dry them with a towel or dryer before being put into the interior. read more news from the newsfeed it like on the Facebook page.

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